Long time Fan and Fantasy High Stakes Participant Jim and I have just entered the 12th round in a FFPC Satellite Draft.  Classic format, Not Best Ball, Not Expert format.  1.5 PPR TE.

A look at what has been going on here provides us all a little better flavor on ADP expectations than those engines that gobble up data from nonsensical mock drafts.

Jim and I were picking in the 8 spot, one we considered choice. (more…)

July 30th, 2015

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Fellow fantasy afficianadoes you’ll have to forgive me, but for the purposes of this article I am going to defer to the oddsmakers in Las Vegas who have been stealing our money for decades. We will be operating under the assumption that they know “things” that we do not because they most likely do. Granted some of these players odds are impacted by being popular or “public” entities, but let’s not overcomplicate things.

These shadowy figures released their odds on who will lead the NFL in passing, rushing and receiving yards at this early point. Let’s take a look at what the professionals think and what our community is currently thinking (thanks to Sports Insights {listed first} & Fantasy Football Calculator {listed second} for the data).


July 26th, 2015

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1 Charles Jamaal KC
2 Peterson Adrian MIN
3 Bell LeVeon PIT
4 Lacy Eddie GB
5 Foster Arian HOU
6 Forte Matt CHI
7 Forsett Justin BAL
8 Anderson C.J. DEN
9 Lynch Marshawn SEA
10 Murray DeMarco PHI
11 McCoy LeSean BUF
12 Morris Alfred WAS
13 Gore Frank IND
14 Hyde Carlos SF
15 Randle Joseph DAL
16 Hill Jeremy CIN
17 Spiller C.J. NO
18 Miller Lamar MIA
19 Ellington Andre ARI
20 Ingram Mark NO
21 Stewart Jonathan CAR
22 Murray Latavius OAK
23 Gordon Melvin SD
24 Bernard Giovani CIN
25 Yeldon T.J. JAX
26 Vereen Shane NYG
27 Martin Doug TB
28 Coleman Tevin ATL
29 Crowell Isaiah CLE
30 Blount LeGarrette NE
31 Freeman Devonta ATL
32 Jennings Rashad NYG
33 Bell Joique DET
34 Williams Andre NYG
35 Mathews Ryan PHI
36 Abdullah Ameer DET
37 Sankey Bishop TEN
38 Gurley Todd STL
39 Sims Charles TB
40 Mason Tre STL
41 Ajayi Jay MIA
42 Cadet Travaris NE
43 McFadden Darren DAL
44 McKinnon Jerick MIN
45 Ivory Chris NYJ
46 Helu Roy OAK
47 Allen Javorius BAL
48 Ball Montee DEN
49 Bush Reggie SF
50 Robinson Denard JAX
51 Jackson Fred BUF
52 Williams DeAngelo PIT
53 Johnson Duke CLE
54 Robinson Khiry NO
55 Michael Christine SEA
56 Ridley Stevan NYJ
57 Cobb David TEN
58 Woodhead Danny SD
59 Williams Ryan DAL
60 Johnson David ARI
61 White James NE
62 Carey KaDeem CHI
63 Davis Knile KC
64 West Terrance CLE
65 Sproles Darren PHI
66 Stacy Zac NYJ
67 Riddick Theo DET
68 Turbin Robert SEA
69 Starks James GB



July 25th, 2015

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Rank Last First Team
1 Brown Antonio PIT
2 Bryant Dez DAL
3 Beckham Odell NYG
4 Thomas Demaryius DEN
5 Jones Julio ATL
6 Nelson Jordy GB
7 Johnson Calvin DET
8 Green A.J. CIN
9 Cobb Randall GB
10 Jeffery Alshon CHI
11 Cooks Brandin NO
12 Evans Mike TB
13 Sanders Emmanuel DEN
14 Benjamin Kelvin CAR
15 Hilton T.Y. IND
16 Johnson Andre IND
17 Matthews Jordan PHI
18 Hopkins DeAndre HOU
19 Allen Keenan SD
20 Marshall Brandon NYJ
21 Jackson DeSean WAS
22 Tate Golden DET
23 Wallace Mike MIN
24 Jackson Vincent TB
25 Watkins Sammy BUF
26 Landry Jarvis MIA
27 Maclin Jeremy KC
28 Edelman Julian NE
29 Fitzgerald Larry ARI
30 White Roddy ATL
31 Cooper Amari OAK
32 Cruz Victor NYG
33 LaFell Brandon NE
34 Smith Torrey SF
35 Floyd Michael ARI
36 Bryant Martavis PIT
37 Decker Eric NYJ
38 Robinson Allen JAX
39 Garcon Pierre WAS
40 Johnson Charles MIN
41 Boldin Anquan SF
42 Stills Kenny MIA
43 Agholor Nelson PHI
44 Adams Davante GB
45 Smith Steve BAL
46 Perriman Breshad BAL
47 Johnson Steve SD
48 White Kevin CHI
49 Colston Marques NO
50 Parker DeVante MIA
51 Brown John ARI
52 Harvin Percy BUF
53 Latimer Cody DEN
54 Wright Kendall TEN
55 Williams Terrance DAL
56 Randle Rueben NYG
57 Crabtree Michael OAK
58 Britt Kenny STL
59 Baldwin Doug SEA
60 Bowe Dwayne CLE
61 Funchess Devin CAR
62 Quick Brian STL
63 Jones Marvin CIN
64 Floyd Malcom SD
65 Moncrief Donte IND
66 Lee Marqise JAX
67 Patterson Cordarrelle MIN
68 Huff Josh PHI
69 Green-Beckham Dorial TEN
70 Strong Jaelen HOU
71 Kearse Jermaine SEA
72 Hunter Justin TEN



July 25th, 2015

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1 Luck Andrew IND
2 Rodgers Aaron GB
3 Manning Peyton DEN
4 Roethlisberger Ben PIT
5 Brees Drew NO
6 Ryan Matt ATL
7 Brady Tom NE
8 Wilson Russell SEA
9 Newton Cam CAR
10 Tannehill Ryan MIA
11 Manning Eli NYG
12 Romo Tony DAL
13 Stafford Matthew DET
14 Rivers Philip SD
15 Flacco Joe BAL
16 Bridgewater Teddy MIN
17 Kaepernick Colin SF
18 Palmer Carson ARI
19 Dalton Andy CIN
20 Carr Derek OAK
21 Cutler Jay CHI
22 Foles Nick STL
23 Bradford Sam PHI
24 Smith Alex KC
25 Winston Jameis TB
26 Bortles Blake JAX
27 Mariota Marcus TEN
28 Griffin Robert WAS
29 Smith Geno NYJ
30 Mallett Ryan HOU
31 Hoyer Brian HOU
32 Sanchez Mark PHI
33 McCown Josh CLE
34 Fitzpatrick Ryan NYJ
35 Osweiler Brock DEN
36 Manuel EJ BUF
37 Cousins Kirk WAS
38 Garoppolo Jimmy NE
39 Cassel Matt BUF
40 Mettenberger Zach TEN
41 Manziel Johnny CLE



July 24th, 2015

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Jim Cole, who is joining us out at the KFFSC in August dropped us an email the other day with his top 60.  Very solid.  In the midst of drafting an FFPC Satellite League with him as I type this up.    Below you will find Jim’s top 60, along with my remarks.  It is a great group, and each rank can be defended.  I’m shying away from Calvin and CJ Anderson this year.  I also am avoiding getting sucked into the Andre Johnson, TY Hilton , Frank Gore love fest.  ADP’s are to high for these guys on an offense that has an array of targets.  I like them all, but not at current asking price.    Last, I work away from rookie Running Backs, Gordon, Gurley, Abdullah, Johnson, not on my rankings that will result in them being available to me to draft.

Rank Player Name Position Editor Remark
1 Adrian Peterson RB a ok – like him in top 3 easy
2 Antonio Brown WR see above – best bet for consistent production
3 LeVeon Bell RB ok with the suspension, taek advantage
4 Dez Bryant WR I don’t mind missing him, he and Jones worry me
5 Julio Jones WR Concerns – primed for another early season injury?
6 Demaryius Thomas WR take Dez and Julio, I’m pumped with DT
7 Jamaal Charles RB I would have Jamal at 3, Reid is a great offensive coach
8 Odell Beckham WR Will lose some targets – Veren and Cruz
9 Matt Forte RB yes he is a better pick than Murray, no Marshall
10 Calvin Johnson WR not on any of 18 teams (7 pay) to date – ready to break
11 Gronk TE FFPC move him up – top 3 is fine – standard here is solid
12 Marshawn Lynch RB imagine the turn – Lynch and Lacy – yikes!
13 Eddie Lacy RB I’d actually swap with Megatron
14 Jordy Nelson WR The hip a little concerning, otherwise in top 12?
15 CJ Anderson RB Very concerned about Broncos rushing – ? Ball?
16 Arian Foster RB Love his ADP value right now
17 AJ Green WR Huge potential to move into top 5 WR – Dalton?
18 DeMarco Murray RB Is any other top 20 guy loved and hated more?
19 Alshon Jeffery WR Cutler is a REAL handicap
20 Justin Forsett RB perfect spot and love getting him
21 Randall Cobb WR Best excuse for taking a RB in Round One
22 Frank Gore RB Like hin this year but high here
23 Jeremy Hill RB Lot of Geo news slipping out, could be losing touches
24 Jimmy Graham TE FFPC move up 5 picks – Wilson better than advertised
25 TY Hilton WR Lot of weapons – I have Hilton later
26 Lamar Miller RB OK here, but threatened by rookie Ajayi
27 CJ Spiller RB Fantastic here , Im ok at 25, 75 catches and 400 yds rushing
28 Andre Ellington RB wil be on a run count and not a good pass blocker
29 Melvin Gordon RB never feel rookie love, I pas, take any of the next 7
30 LeSean McCoy RB Wil be solid but not spectacular
31 Mike Evans WR Rookie QB, average OL, new position, hmm
32 Andre Johnson WR decent spot – prefer end of round 3
33 Keenan Allen WR Love him and value this year as he now sits
34 Julian Edelman WR not a believer any more, Pats to sign WR??
35 Emmanuel Sanders WR Oh yeah – end of 3 – easy mark for me.
36 Brandin Cooks WR Will be the #1, and get the best cover corner, move down
37 DeAndre Hopkins WR He and Foster are the offense. , no QB, pass
38 Jordan Mathews WR I’m in on the Eagle bandwagon – all in here
39 TJ Yeldon RB Another rookie and I usually pass – fair here but not for me
40 Ameer Abdullah RB aggh this one very tempting at his ADP, prefer him
41 Joseph Randle RB If his ADP holds, he is gold,McFadden NO threat
42 Alfred Morris RB Bill C over from Dallas to run OL and run, NICE +++
43 Allen Robinson WR Not enough TD’s – I’d move down
44 Martavis Bryant WR Decent value – nice here, an injury away from top20
45 Mark Ingram RB TD Machine this year in run heavy Saint offense?
46 Jonathan Stewart RB Here we go again, decent value and ok here , down 6
47 Jarvis Landry WR Like th chances he has for a special year – ok up 5
48 Amari Cooper WR Rookie exception, 5th round – all in!
49 Giovani Bernard RB Could make a lot of noise, but not for me at this ADP
50 Travis Kelce TE FFPC, he is up 4-5 picks, Reid fan, big year looming
51 Vincent Jackson WR Moved out of position, rookie QB, better Rb, not good
52 Brandon Marshall WR If he is on my top 60 I should move him down
53 Rashad Jennings RB OK here but I’ll wait and take Vereen much later
54 Roddy White WR Nice pick and placement here – good value
55 Nelson Agholor WR Rookie everyone loving, good , I’ll take Tate
56 Brandon LaFell WR Upside with Brady, wilt be a vengeful October
57 Duke Johnson RB Not in the top 60
58 Golden Tate WR Do people realize how close he is to posting a top 10 year
59 Larry Fitz WR Classy, steady, perhaps Floyd over him
60 D Jackson WR Yes – RGIII hedge, if 75% D Jax great pick in 6th

July 20th, 2015

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04.04.13 Larry-Fitzgerald_20120911181404603_660_320

We wrapped up our first KFFSC Progressive draft on the 12th and what a shocker.    Dueling up against some former champions and some newcomers the atmosphere was pretty charged  . . . . ready for some football.  Locked away several FFPC satellites and my share of MFL 10’s and 50’s . . . .it was time to get off the porch.

Things were looking pretty decent right up to 5 minutes before draft time . . . . in came a tornado in Kentucky and took out all the power in my area.  Now, we have had many a expert this off season talk about being prepared . . . . . no one ever said that included be ready to draft with a 2.5″x1.5″ phone screen with pen and paper.

As the author of the “Less Than Zero RB Strategy”, I was ready to kick it in gear irregardless.  Draft slots came up and drew the 2 hole . . . . not a spot to follow this strategy.   So, following some of the best advice we have heard over the last 8 weeks with Ferrell , and the KFFSC stars, I  flexed my plan right off the bat.   Considering the lack of power, no internet screen other than a throw back phone in today’s age of monster phone screens, I went throwback.   RB!

Adrian Peterson, Justin Forsett, Alfred Morris, Lamar Miller went in rounds 1,2,3,4 to me.  In the 5th, Travis Kelce was just to much to watch slide by, so he became my TE1 .  So there  I was, 5 rounds in and no wide receivers.  Sounds like a potential for disaster . . .

Over the next 6 picks, rounds 6-11 I added Larry Fitzgerald, Charles Johnson, Devonta Adams, Michael Floyd and Kenny Stills.   Yes – Fitzy is a #1 again . . . . at least on my team.

Quarterbacks Eli Manning and Teddy Bridgewater were plucked in 12,13.    Backup TE – Jared Cook and Heath Miller.    DST – Eagles – taken early – round 14 – I don’t mind – they will start 10 times for me – I’ll ride them .  K – Cody Parker – same – then flyers on Kenny Britt and Aaron Dobson.  A second insurance DST – Vikings – – love what the Zimmer man might pull off with this squad this year,.

Drop me a line and I’ll send you the pdf of the full board with everyone’s pick


Expect the new web page launch around Aug 10 – it will have all the boards from our drafts posted.

A shout out to Jessie Bumstead – picking before be every other round – – he really stung me – – Taking Jimmy Graham in Round 3 when I had him tee’d up.   Victor Cruz in Round 7 . . see you at the Horseshoe Jesse!




July 12th, 2015

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Pos             First                       Last                                  Pos             First                        Last
QB2 Kellen Clemens WR2 Stevie Johnson
RB1 Melvin Gordon WR3 Malcom Floyd
RB2 Danny Woodhead WR4 Jacoby Jones
RB3 Branden Oliver TE1 Antonio Gates
RB4 Donald Brown TE2 Ladarius Green

Melvin Gordan is being drafted as a RB1 and going high in drafts. The price to rich for me. Danny Woodhead and Donald Brown are the two RB’s that offer upside to qualify as a RB4, one of them will emerge as part of the weekly offensive package.   As a late, or last round flyer they will have a shot at sticking on your roster.  Stevie Johnson is insane value for a potential WR2 on a passing offense.   He has not played with a QB the likes of Phillip Rivers in . . . . forever. Floyd and Jones are mere distractions. . . . . . pass.

At Tight End, Antonio Gates has been buried by the drafting community the last two years only to respond and post TE 1 numbers en route to remaining a top fantasy option.    Yet again we being coached to look behind him to LaDarius Green, of whom most experts believe can be a very high end TE2. The suspension, 4 weeks, is driving Gates down draft boards.    If you are drafting and have missed or declined on Graham, Gronk, Olson, Kelce, then a combo of Gates / Green is an affordable get.   They need to be coupled with a 3rd TE, such as; H Miller, Z Ebron or C Clay.

The deep bench take away:  Woodhead & Brown are potential 20th round flyers, either may be the pass catching option to pair with rookie Gordan.   Stevie Johnson is a fantastic value now, but his ADP is climbing.  Coupled opposite Keenan Allen he is looking positive for 90 targets.    Gates suspension make him an easy handcuff to Green, warning !!  This is the pattern popping in drafts right now.  Green may only get 50% of the targets that Gates was going to gate, Johnson is the winner here.

July 11th, 2015

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Folks, several of you have asked about the schedule for the upcoming live and on line KFFSC drafts.   Please see the schedule below.   This is what is out as of press time.  Questions should go to Ferrell at 502-523-5057,  E-Mail myself at bob@allpurposeroto or Ferrell at jferrellelliott@gmail.com.

Join Bob at a table, draft with him or against him  Chris will be there also.  Talk to your league on the air and provide a review of your team or an experts. Friday dinner, Saturday and Sunday Breakfast – AllPurposeRoto Fantasy Tactics Roundtable , share some chow and libations.

Date Location Name Time Entry
July 12 On Line Drafts Progressive Qualifier 9:00 PM $200
Aug. 17,20,26,31 On Line Drafts Main Event 9:00 PM $300
August 22 Horseshoe Casino – Cincy Main Event #1 1:00 PM $300
August 22 Horseshoe Casino – Cincy Main Event #2 4:00 PM $300
August 22 Horseshoe Casino – Cincy Main Event #3 7:00 PM $300
August 28 Horseshoe Casino – KY Keeper League 6:00 PM $150
August 28 Horseshoe Casino – KY Auction League 8:00 PM $300
August 29 Horseshoe Casino – KY Main Event #1 11:00 AM $300
August 29 Horseshoe Casino – KY Progressive Qualifier 3:00 PM $200
August 29 Horseshoe Casino – KY I Want To Be In Vegas #2 3:00 PM $300
August 29 Horseshoe Casino – KY Draft Masters 3:00 PM $300
August 29 Horseshoe Casino – KY Main Event #2 7:30 PM $300
August 30 Horseshoe Casino – KY Progressive Qualifier 10:00 AM $200
August 30 Horseshoe Casino – KY Main Event #3 1:00 PM $300
August 30 Horseshoe Casino – KY I Want To Be In Vegas #1 4:30 PM $300
August 30 Horseshoe Casino – KY Big Payback 4:30 PM $1000


July 6th, 2015

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Don’t miss this weeks KFFSC  & AllPurposeRoto Fantasy Show with Brad Kruze and Sean Ligon . .  2014 KFFSC League Champions.    Download the show at ITunes  http://tinyurl.com/n4zpz97  or listen in at http://tobtr.com/7747965

Brad Kruze talks about his draft board construction and elements.  Bob and Ferrell are at odds over what Blake Bortles dead arm really meant.  Sean Ligon provides a weather report on what the ballroom looks like during draft time.

New fantasy term coined . . . . “Tuned In” . . that’s what Champion Brad Kruze calls it when he . . . yeah ya gotta download the show to get the story.

Rischad Whitfield – – the footwork king is pushing Viking WR, Charles Johnson right up draft boards.  Johnson, now going in the 8th and 9th round is inching above Mike Wallace.   The Norv Turner and Teddy Bridgewater influence is helping also.

Listen in about the new progressive games . . . .

Join us  at the:

Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship

For over a decade the KFFSC has been home to some of the worlds top Fantasy Football players. Our high stakes championship attracts sports fan from all across the nation to the Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana for the 2nd largest live fantasy football draft in America. Every August the Grand Ballroom buzzes with activity from the hundreds of drafters checking and rechecking their draft boards, in search of their path to thousands of dollars and Fantasy Football bragging rights. Champions J.A. Carey and Mike Fox are the first ever back to back KFFSC Champions and seek to put their names into Dynasty consideration this year. Challengers are welcome, we are looking forward to another amazing year of the Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship.

Event Includes:

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Call the Commissioner direct to get the low down . . . . 502-523-5057

E-Mail the Commish at  jferrellelliott@gmail.com

July 4th, 2015

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Rank Last First Team
1 Gronkowski Rob NE
2 Graham Jimmy SEA
3 Kelce Travis KC
4 Olsen Greg CAR
5 Bennett Martellus CHI
6 Cameron Jordan MIA
7 Ertz Zach PHI
8 Walker Delanie TEN
9 Thomas Julius JAX
10 Witten Jason DAL
11 Rudolph Kyle MIN
12 Gates Antonio SD
13 Hill Josh NO
14 Miller Heath PIT
15 Eifert Tyler CIN
16 Fleener Coby IND
17 Clay Charles BUF
18 Ebron Eric DET
19 Reed Jordan WAS
20 Daniels Owen DEN
21 Seferian-Jenkins Austin TB
22 Williams Maxx BAL
23 Davis Vernon SF
24 Green Ladarius SD
25 Donnell Larry NYG
26 Cook Jared STL
27 Allen Dwayne IND
28 Rivera Mychal OAK
29 Amaro Jace NYJ
30 Rodgers Richard GB
31 Housler Rob CLE
32 Green Virgil DEN
33 Tamme Jacob ATL
34 Paul Niles WAS
35 Fiedorowicz C.J. HOU
36 Graham Garrett HOU
37 Pitta Dennis BAL
38 Escobar Gavin DAL
39 Celek Brent PHI
40 Watson Ben NO
41 Walford Clive OAK
42 Wright Timothy NE
43 Niklas Troy ARI
44 Kendricks Lance STL
45 Quarless Andrew GB
46 Sims Dion MIA
47 Chandler Scott NE
48 Toilolo Levine ATL
49 Davis Fred NE
50 Lewis Marcedes JAX
51 Willson Luke SEA
52 Ford Chase MIN
53 Cumberland Jeff NYJ
54 Myers Brandon TB
55 Moeaki Tony ATL


July 1st, 2015

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Minnesota Vikings vs St. Louis Rams

NFL Draft Bible Founder Rick Serritella joined the show Monday.  If you missed it, here ya go . . .


“Rookie running backs could impress this year in the same manner rookie wide receivers did last year”.   Rick discussed the very solid opportunities at hand for Ameer Abdulah in Detroit, Tevin Coleman in Atlanta, Matt Jones in Washington,  and TJ Yeldon in Jacksonville among others.    Rick pointed out that Abdullah may be facing the best shot at being a fantasy relevant starter with Yeldon in advance of the others.

The NFLDraftBible and AllPurposeRoto both indicated that making hay in rounds 6,7,8 and 9 are the rounds that many championships are made.  Hitting on a rookie here can provide a significant, insurmountable advantage over the competition.   In those rounds, rookie wide receivers Breshad Perriman in Baltimore and Nelson Agholor in Philly are receivers who landed in “Ideal Situations” according to Rick .

The NFLDraftBible likes the chances for Perriman to be the eventual if not opening day WR1 on the Ravens.  Clearly his QB situation with Flaco is much better than Agholor has with Bradford in Philly.   Rick has more confidence than I do for Bradford to remain healthy,but he warned “He (Bradford) has to stay healthy for Agholor to perform”.  “Chip Kelly has a plan, and Agholor is a part of it”

Rick shared a few pretty nice sleeper picks, Oakland UFA RB Michael Dyer is on his short leash watch list, tune in to find out why along with a few other choice deep sleepers . . . . Dyer was a 5 star recruit for Auburn as a Freshman . . . learn more.

Also a heads up on the upcoming Supplemental Draft . . . he has a pretty nice IDP sleeper . . . . .


June 29th, 2015

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The 13th Annual

Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship

For over a decade the KFFSC has been home to some of the worlds top Fantasy Football players. Our high stakes championship attracts sports fan from all across the nation to the Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana for the 2nd largest live fantasy football draft in America. Every August the Grand Ballroom buzzes with activity from the hundreds of drafters checking and rechecking their draft boards, in search of their path to thousands of dollars and Fantasy Football bragging rights. Champions J.A. Carey and Mike Fox are the first ever back to back KFFSC Champions and seek to put their names into Dynasty consideration this year. Challengers are welcome, we are looking forward to another amazing year of the Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship.

Event Includes:

8 League Games to Choose From  / Full Bar  /  Fine Dining Options  /  Free WiFi

World Class Casino Games courtesy of the Horseshoe Southern Indiana  /  Hotel Accommodations

To Purchase your 2015 KFFSC Team go to  :           Squareup.com/market/kffsc



June 23rd, 2015

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An important part of any player evaluation and projection involves snap counts. Some experts will depend heavily on this stat to determine what the player is capable of. A player that saw huge spikes in snaps the last 3 weeks of a season may be positioned for a much bigger role in the upcoming season.

This article is the first in a 5 part series to provide snap count data on the fantasy skill positions we attend to: RB, WR, TE, LB and Safety. At the Tight End position we can find a few important take aways.   Jason Whitten is plummeting down draft boards and watching his ADP he presents awesome value.   Playing a league leading 98.9% of his team offense snaps, he does not look like a player about to hit the wall despite all the naysayers. I agree he will see a decline in opportunities, but he will still be a near lock for top 10 TE productions.

A player whose snap count data deserves attention is Jacob Tamme. Playing only 24% of the offensive snaps in Denver last year, he is ready to take over for L Toilolo, who posted the 5th highest snap count% for Tight Ends in the league last year for Atlanta.   The Atlanta TE had 940 snap opportunities compared to Tamme’s 275. Tamme is now running with the one’s and appears to be in control of the starting spot.

A consideration that has to be made is when the TE’s snaps are driven more from being on the field to provide blocking than to run routes. See – Vernon Davis, J Gresham, S Chandler.

Zach Ertz in Philly had 587 snaps compared to Celek’s 815.   I expect to see Ertz capture upwards of 750 snaps this year at Celek’s expense. Add in Maclin’s departure and he may get a few of those targets as well.

Cumberland stats should be a welcome projection to Amaro. Expecting Jace to take over with 75&+% of all snaps, but the offensive passing attack in NY is far below average .thus downgrading Amaro to near fantasy oblivion.

Gates posted 770 offensive snaps for 72%, making him the 14th most used TE in the league. Chronic sleeper candidate L Green posted 289 snaps for 27%.   This year his numbers will cut into Gates a bit, but it appears the early predictions of Gates slipping is in error. I do expect Green to boost up to 400 range, hurting Gates by 15-20% compared to last year’s fantasy points.

Like always, you won’t find me telling you what to do, just some data and observations for you to look at and internalize into your own plan of attack. Winning is your credit!

Most of you have heard all the fantasy experts this spring and summer on the KFFSC – AllPursposeRoto Strategy Series with Fantasy Tactics. Every Thursday we have hit you with 2 high stakes players providing opinions on players and various strategies.   So in consideration of that here is my own TE draft plan this year.

If I don’t get Gronk,Graham in round 1 or 2, I do take Kelce in round 3, mid round if there. I am good with Gronk as a 1-1 in 1.5 PPR for TE formats. Graham anytime after the 2-3 and Kelce 3-6 and on.   After that group I am done with Tight Ends until round 7 at the earliest. Greg Olson has been going in round 3 and 4, which is too rich for my blood. The deep group that makes up Tier II provides coverage to draft your TE 1 in rounds 7, 8, or 9 and still walk away with a potential top 5 TE

C Jordan in Round 7,8, J Whitten in 8, D Walker in round 7,8, A Gates in 7.8 if he falls but many drafts he goes in 5,6 . . to high . . to high.  Josh Hill is being over drafted and may settle, I like him at rounds 9,10, if you can nab him, M Bennet in Rounds 6,7,is ok, but he will pop often in 4,5. If 8 Fantastic. H Miller is a high floor guy, if there in rounds 12 grab will glee.  If I draft J Cameron I am taking a second TE within 2-4 rounds as insurance   Cameron and Miller or Fleener have been duos I like and own.

Tier III guys, O Daniels, many will draft based on the potential with Manning – draft at decent value only, he goes in 8,9,10, I prefer the options above.

In that Tier III to me Julius Thomas (Rnd 6) , Jared Cook, Jordan Reed, Charles Clay(Rnd 13) and Coby Fleener (Rnd 12)represent solid selections.   All of this gives plenty of confidence to avoiding Tight Ends until rounds 7 if you miss out on the top 3 early.

Caution Flags on Ertz, Ebron, Rudolph and certainly the hype on Raven rookie Maxx Williams is causing heavy overdrafting.  Rudolph, whom we fall in love with each summer just can’t stay healthy in a box of Kleenex.   Watch rookie Pruitt to take outshine him by years end.

Here is your snap data:


Player Team Off Snaps Off Snap Pct
Witten J DAL 1047 98.90%
Miller H PIT 1081 97.30%
Olsen G CAR 1067 96.60%
Bennett M CHI 954 90.10%
Toilolo L ATL 940 87.00%
Cumberland J NYJ 910 83.60%
Gresham J CIN 875 82.40%
Walker D TEN 769 79.60%
Rivera M OAK 818 79.40%
Davis V SF 830 78.40%
Donnell L NYG 866 76.80%
Daniels O BAL 818 76.00%
Gronkowski R NE 825 72.90%
Gates A SD 770 72.20%
Chandler S BUF 749 70.50%
Celek B PHI 815 69.30%
Carlson J ARI 734 69.30%
Fleener C IND 787 68.10%
Clay C MIA 745 68.00%
Graham J NO 775 68.00%
Cook J STL 682 67.90%
Fasano A KC 671 66.60%
Kelce T KC 668 66.30%
Thomas J DEN 691 61.30%
Quarless A GB 630 60.00%
Kendricks L STL 594 59.20%
Dray J CLE 598 57.00%
Ellison R MIN 551 53.90%
Pettigrew B DET 587 53.70%
Paul N WAS 562 53.30%
Willson L SEA 556 52.60%
Watson B NO 571 50.10%
Ertz Z PHI 587 49.90%
Graham G HOU 552 49.80%
Dickson E CAR 522 47.30%
Myers B TB 465 46.80%
Harbor C JAC 482 46.50%
Rodgers R GB 478 45.50%
Cameron J CLE 475 45.20%
Seferian A TB 447 45.00%
Hewitt R CIN 466 43.90%
Fiedorowicz C HOU 471 42.50%
Rudolph K MIN 434 42.40%
Hoomanawanui M NE 473 41.80%
Lewis M JAC 432 41.70%
Ebron E DET 445 40.70%
Fells D NYG 427 37.90%
Green V DEN 394 34.90%
Gillmore C BAL 372 34.60%
Doyle J IND 399 34.50%
Reed J WAS 364 34.50%
Amaro J NYJ 374 34.40%
Barnidge G CLE 358 34.10%
Harkey C STL 333 33.20%
Newhouse M CIN 351 33.10%
Ford C MIN 339 33.10%
Stocker L TB 325 32.70%
Smith L BUF 335 31.50%
Wright T NE 351 31.00%
Hanna J DAL 327 30.90%
Spaeth M PIT 341 30.70%
Housler R ARI 320 30.20%
Griffin R HOU 334 30.10%
Rosario D CHI 314 29.70%
Green L SD 289 27.10%
Hill J NO 288 25.30%
Escobar G DAL 262 24.70%
Tamme J DEN 275 24.40%
Helfet C SEA 243 23.00%
Leonhardt B OAK 222 21.60%
Fells Dar ARI 225 21.20%
Gragg C BUF 214 20.20%
McDonald V SF 214 20.20%
Moeaki T SEA 199 18.80%
Phillips J SD 197 18.50%
Carrier D SF 188 17.80%
Coffman C TEN 160 16.60%
Johnson D SD 177 16.60%
Pitta D BAL 166 15.40%
Miller Z SEA 157 14.80%
Brock K CIN 155 14.60%
Casey J PHI 170 14.50%
Jacobs N JAC 147 14.20%
Pascoe B ATL 147 13.60%
Sudfeld Z NYJ 141 13.00%
Davis K DET 137 12.50%
Gray M BUF 121 11.40%
Fauria J DET 117 10.70%


June 20th, 2015

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Bourbon is a Kentucky proud heritage.  As part of any annual draft prep, getting the proper Bourbon lineup is essential.  Bourbon is different than whiskey via:

American Made / Aged in NEW, charred white oak barrels  /  Made with at least 51% corn  /  Distilled at no more than 160 proof  /

Pappy Van Winkle – 20 year old – started in early 1900’s , caramel cream and oaky.  On the pallet vanilla, honey . . lingers ever so pleasantly. Have had twice and still miss it.

Old Forester – Birthday Bourbon – like the orange peel mix with cinnamon, a lady’s favorite after Pappy. One day of production only.

Jefferson’s Presidential Select – 21 year old – vanilla aroma,  caramel and rye to the nose, taste provides some honey, cinnamon and you get a vanilla finish

Black Maple- Small Batch – not nearly as well known as it should be,  here is our molasses and brown sugar entry, this is the perhaps the sweetest bourbon amongst the group.  Best bouorbon to start if youu want to kick the ice habit

Angel’s Envy – presentation bourbon, wicked gold color, orange peel, very smooth, meant to appeal to diverse crowds, cinnamon to finish

Four Roses – Small Batch – smart taste, provides the alcohol whiff some covet,  oak, vanilla and caramel , at about 65% that of Pappy, very solid neat

Woodford Reserve Seasoned Oak – spicy, oak of course,  theses barrels have been weathered outside for 3-5 years instead of the 3-5 standard months.   Get a wood/caramel sweet coating.   Get ready for a nice bite,

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit – Jimmy Russell, working at the distillery since 1954 hand picks the barrels.  Nutmeg and brown sugar aroma, citrus-zesty finish,  coats your entire mouth, decent post sweetness



June 7th, 2015

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