Fantasy Mining – Dolphins-Browns

Let’s take a look at the Dolphins and Browns for some players who could be contributors to your team if your front line starters go down.

Colt McCoy is not getting  lot of notice in the fantasy circle right now but expect that to change as the season wears on.  Working in a new offense after only 9 weeks this offense is showing signs of decent potency.    Colt is a possession QB who once in the red zone will look for his TE’s and RB with regularity.

Chad Henne is unquestionably more relaxed and it shows.  As Chad depends on his skills more often he plays better.   Since Chad has Brandon Marshall,  Devon Bess and Reggie Bush his weekly #’s should be respectable.  I was surprised to see Chad read several blitzes and make nice down field completions against it,

I like Chad and Colt as great #3 if you top guys are injury prone, or as #2’s if you have one great QB already.

Reggie Bush is still, and always will be a run away player.  He does enough to tempt you but never worth a start.   He fumbles way to often (twice vs the Browns.)  He is  a supermarket tabloid fantasy football player, some folks just can’t resist.  The take away here is – – – – run away.

Joe Hayden is a true shut down corner and did a great job vs Brandon Marshall, the take away here is if your #2 or # 3 WR is going up against him I would switch him out.

Devon Bess will drive you crazy running 7 yard patterns on 3rd and 9.  He caught three 3rd down passes but ran short routes on each.  I would have loved to have  see Bill Parcells on the sideline after just one of the plays.

Learn who Greg Little is. In dynasty leagues you should stash him. He is the best WR on the  Browns by a huge margin.

If you have TJ Ward I would trade him as soon as you get a 10 combined or 8 combined tackles game and get value on last year.  Defensive Tackles Phil Taylor and Ahyba Rubin are playing so well the Brown LB’s are getting to make the tackles that TJ had to make last year.

Cleveland DE Jabaal Sheard is a very good IDP candidate in big play leagues. The key is the rookie is on the field constantly.

Last note on Chad Henne, come fantasy playoff time.  Week 14 against the Eagles, week 15 against the Bills and week 16 against the Patriots.  The way those three teams are playing pass defense now it is worthy of note.


Bob has been participating and running fantasy leagues for 20 years, in redraft, dynasty and salary cap leagues. He has been on numerous shows proving specialized content for fans. He is known for his breakdown of coaching changes and coaching impacts to affect player performance and draft position. Bob ran his first leagues manually scoring weekly results from the USA Today. Follow Bob on twitter: @allpurposeroto Email Bob:

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